This summer I am taking a vacation to the bahamas with my whole family, I am most likely going to spend the 4th of July at Lake Michigan and go to a couple Cardinals games at Busch. My birthday is July 20th so hopefully something big goes on that weekend. I mostly plan on working this summer and saving up for the fall.

Unfortunately my summer wont be all that good. I have to take college algebra over the summer at meramec. I cant stand math in general and now i have to do it over the summer for two days a week. This is going to be brutal but I am happy to get it out of the way. Plus my family is really good at math so they can help me out with any problems I have

This summer I have a few jobs lined up. My first job is too work at my familys car dealership “Sunset Ford” and work on cars there. I cant wait for that because I love to fix up cars. I am also doing a lawn cutting business where I go around the neighbor and cut peoples lawn for some hefty big bucks. I love working landscape because its outdoor work and theres nothing better than doing outdoor work in the summer.

This weekend, May 10th, one of my favorite novels comes out in theaters this weekend and I cant wait to see it. Ive always loved the book and now that the book has been turned into a movie with an all star cast I’ll be one of the first ones to go see it. Hopefully I can get tickets for a St. Louis show because I plan on coming back this weekend.

All I can think about about right now is summer. I can’t wait for school to be over with so I can get working and make some bank. Money goes fast down here, so hopefully I can balance a job and summer classes. I also can’t wait for some nicer weather so i can go out and play golf.

Lately, our fraternity has been practicing for greek jam. It is a dance routine that everyone does. I cant stand it. It takes over my work and what I want to get done. I’m no dancer so I look awful out there. I cant wait for this to be over with. Im sure there are others in this English class going through the same thing.

Over spring break, I went to the Florida Keys with my brother and cousin. We have a condo down there so it was a great time. I Finally got to play some golf, hit the beach, and do some other activities. I hope one day I could live there because the weather is extremely nice and I’d like to play golf all the time.