I am currently in a bracket with 40 other people and out of those 40, I am in 3rd place. The only thing that really matters is whether you keep your final four teams intact because thats where you can get a big chunk of the points. The teams that really hurt me were Kansas St., Wisconsin, and New Mexico. Hopefully I can win some money from this.


This thursday is the start of Easter Break. Notice how I said Easter break and not “spring holiday break.” Missouri State should do the same. Everyone on campus knows its easter break, so the school should just call it Easter Break. Regardless of this, I love Easter break because thats usually when the nice weather breaks out and its the best time of the year to be a Catholic.

Its late March and its snowing outside. St. Louis and Springfield are the most inconsistent places on earth for nice weather. One day it could be 65 outside and the next day it’s snowing outside. Its a shame because I spent my spring break in South Florida where it was 80 degrees out every day. Now I come back to snowy, cold, depressing weather. Can’t wait for Spring.

My favorite time of the year is March and April, not because of the nice spring weather, but because of the NCAA march madness tournament. Every year, my favorite team Notre Dame gets into the tournament but sadly they always get eliminated in the first round. I love doing bracket pools because its a good way to make money and get involved by watching teams you normally wouldnt watch.

This past weekend I came home to St. Louis to visit the family and to go downtown to the Mardi Gras parade. Soulard was very fun and it was great seeing people that I knew, except the part where some guy got shot in the area of where I was. I don’t have plans of what I’m going to do this upcoming weekend, maybe stay here, maybe go to mizzou or maybe even go home again. Who knows. Peace out bros

My full name is Daniel Patrick August Brady. (Patrick being my confirmation name) I was born in Chicago in 1993, lived there for a couple years and then moved to Atlanta for 3 years and then came to St. Louis in 2003. I went to Vianney High School in St. louis and I played Lacrosse, basketball, golf, and helped out with special olympics each year. My favorite sports teams are the St. louis Cardinals and Rams, Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks, and White Sox. I also like to hang out and party during the summer. My favorite soda is Sprite.

Today we were asked to pick some controversial issues in today’s world to write about. The topics I chose were pro athletes being overpaid, gay marriage, college athletes being paid, and the NFL becoming too safe. I think I’m going to choose the topic about the NFL becoming too safe because player safety is a big topic being talked about today and its big news. I am also interested in the topic because sports is my favorite thing to talk about.